Klove Radio Station Live

Klove Radio Station Live

Klove Radio Station Live is a radio station that broadcasts live in the Albany, New York area. Klove Radio Station Live has been broadcasting for 18 years and was co-founded by a husband and wife team.

The radio station first went on air 18 years ago and was founded by a husband and wife team who were passionate about giving listeners an alternative to commercialized stations. Klove Radio Station Live provides an eclectic mix of rock, blues, reggae, country music, pop music, and jazz for those listeners in the Albany area. You can both listen live and you can also access YouTube and look for songs from Kl-Love if you want to convert to Mp3  instead.

Listen for free at Klove Radio Station Live

Klove is a Christian radio station that broadcasts in over 60 markets in the United States and on Sirius XM. Klove Radio Station Live provides programming for the whole family to enjoy, airing contemporary Christian music with a mix of upbeat songs and ballads, as well as Bible teaching programs for kids and adults.

The shows are led by speakers who are respected in their fields, from pastors to authors to educators. Listeners can tune into Klove on the station’s website or by downloading the free app available for smartphones. Klove Radio Station Live is an online radio station dedicated to providing broadcasting family-friendly programming. They air contemporary Christian music mixed with upbeat songs and ballads along with Bible teaching programs for kids and adults.

The radio station has many different speakers who come from different backgrounds. For example pastors, authors, and educators among others. Lead listeners through these various programs which include topics such as parenting tips, and spirituality discussions among others. It can be accessed by downloading their free app available on smartphones throughout North America.

Music genres at Klove

At Klove Radio Station Live playedk you can access different music genres, with the main focus being on Christian music. Down below you will see a list of the available music genres. 

  • Christian
  • Ballads
  • UpBeat
  • Spiritual

Klove Radio Station Live site owner

Klove Radio Station is owned by Educational Media Foundation and was launched on September 10, 2006, by KLOVESMILES Foundation. It first started broadcasting as an internet-only station but moved to the FM band in 2007.

It is an Internet Radio Station that broadcasts from Kansas City. The station went live for the first time on September 10, 2006. It started broadcasting as an internet-only station until 2007 when it went to the FM band.

The radio station plays Christian contemporary music and its programming includes interviews with well known Christian musicians and most of all interesting topics about life, faith, and more that are relevant for Christians of any age group or denomination from around the world who want to be up-to-date with what is happening in Church life today

Bible teaching programs

Klove Radio Station is a program that offers Biblical teaching, worship, and music. This radio station is a ministry of Cornerstone University and is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They started broadcasting in 1995. The three main programs that are broadcast by this radio station are called the “Klove Morning Show”, the “K-LOVE All Request Drive” and the “Weekend Round-Up”.

These programs can be heard on over 160 stations across the country. They are also available in Canada on Crossroads Christian Communications KLOVE network of stations. They offer Biblical teachings with worship music and prayer for those who listen to their broadcasts

Klove Radio Station Live

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